A home provides the homeless with a psychological and material cushion against being completely ravaged by poverty. Additionally, it provides them with a sense of honour and a sense of community. I started with a very simple idea – that we would build homes for those who were homeless and those who could never afford to own or build permanent structure homes (pucca homes) for themselves.

We chose people who had never owned pucca homes and never lived in them even in previous generations, hence creating a ‘first generation home owner’.

The idea was to collect details from the poorest districts and identify these people, and focus on the most destitute amongst them, to have a large-scale data collection about them, the exact reasons for their homelessness, indebtedness etc, and provide this information with their backstory, their communication details and their bank account details directly in a crowd-funding effort all over the nation and abroad.

As with any effort, ones credibility and personal contribution to the cause is of paramount importance. We, therefore, started with building 100 homes and handing them over to their new owners on the 18th of October with our own resources.

We will now scale up through Internet crowd-funding and similar awareness building efforts to give this movement a fillip.