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Supreme Court is a force for progressivism

March 5th, 2016|Categories: Mail Today, Newspaper|Tags: |

Democracy evolves through the guiding presence of an independent and progressive judiciary. A judiciary undertakes interpretation of the law, clarifying statutes and their meaning to the case at hand (Munroe Eagles, Christopher Holoman, Larry Johnston, 2004). When meanings clash, courts uphold the framework of basic law and the constitution that prevails in the land. The

Why the Indian Police Needs to be Set Free from Politicians

September 10th, 2015|Categories: Mail Today, Newspaper|Tags: |

The monopoly on violence in India is increasingly held by an inefficient and politicised police force. With everyday reports indicating rising incidents of brutality, extortion and other crimes committed by police personnel, police custody increasingly has a macabre tinge. According to the home ministry, in 2014, 47,774 complaints were received against the police across India

Digital India

July 16th, 2015|Categories: Mail Today, Newspaper|Tags: |

The idea of a Digital India draws initial scepticism. India has nearly a billion people without internet access, while 37 per cent of all adult Indians are illiterate. Despite the mobile boom, poor network infrastructure means there is no significant difference between 2G and 3G speeds. A realistic digital India would be one with a

India can’t afford to Ignore disaster management

May 28th, 2015|Categories: Mail Today, Newspaper|Tags: |

Delhi sits on three active fault lines, with over five earthquakes measuring over five on the Richter scale hitting it since 1720. It is designated as a category four seismic zone. A Nepal-like earthquake would flatten 80 per cent of Delhi’s 25 lakh buildings, including the Walled City and the Trans-Yamuna housing societies. Cloistered by